How to Fix a Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On

| Updated on: November 11, 2019

Sometime you might get pissed off when suddenly your Kindle fire stopped working. But now you don’t have to, as here we are sharing ultimate Kindle fire troubleshooting guide which will teach you how to Fix a Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On.

I have personally a very soft corner for Amazon Fire tablet. This popular line of tablet made by Amazon itself has been always people’s favorite choice because of its reasonable price, reliability, different variety of sizes and features.

The latest Kindle fire Tabs are especially great for kids as they are inexpensive and fairly tough. The one downside of these tabs which everyone knows is that it relies on a curated selection of apps from the Amazon store whereas one can use any app from any place on a normal tablet.

These days one of the common problems which lots of Amazon Fire users have reported that their kindle fire won’t turn on or charge. Now, this is obviously a serious issue because if your kindle fire not charging or kindle fire won’t turn on, then you can’t access the apps and service on your fire tab.

So, to help you out, recently we contacted the Amazon support Team and they were very helpful and sent me few Amazon Kindle troubleshooting tips which you can use when your amazon fire won’t turn on. I hope that after reading this article and following all the steps written here you will hopefully get your Amazon Fire working properly again.

What to Do When kindle fire won’t charge?

Most of the time when amazon fire won’t turn on is because of the charging issues. So, below we have given some Kindle fire charging tips. I will recommend you to first make sure that you have followed these steps before heading out to other fixes.

kindle fire won't turn on

Tip No 1: Check the charger – Using a wrong charger or a charger that is not working fine may prevent your Kindle Fire from charging and turning on. So, Make sure you are charging your Tablet from the original charger that came with your device or at least which is compatible with your Kindle fire.

Tip No 2: Plug the charger into an outlet you know to be working. One of the best ways to test an outlay is to plug a different device (I.e Smartphone) into the outlay and make sure that it is working fine before you plug your Kindle fire with it.

Tip No 3: Make sure that the charging cable is properly connected to both the charging adapter and the kindle device. To test it you can use the charger with a different compatible device and make sure that the cable and charger are working perfectly. If not then charge your Kindle device with another charger that you know is working.

Tip No 4: Make sure you are not trying to charge your Kindle tablet in avery how or Cold environment.

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How to Fix A Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On

Till now I believe you have already made sure that there is no issue in your charging cable, adapter, and outlay and your Amazon Kindle Fire is still not charging and turning On. So, Now lets try these fixes one by one..

Fix 1 – Hold “Volume Down” While Powering On

Recently My kindle fire was not turning on, I tried different troubleshoot but nothing seems to work. Then one guy suggested me to hold the volume down button along with the power button for few seconds and then check if it works.

So, I just hold the Volume Down button while pressing the Power button for about 8-10 seconds and I don’t know how the magic happened and my device turned on.

So, in case if your kindle fire won’t turn on or charge then first try this method as this magic may work for you too.

Fix 2 – Restore Latest Software

Step 1 – With the fire off, Press and hold Volume Up button and then press the power button for around 40-45 seconds to turn the fire on.

Step 2 – Continue holding Volume up button until you see a message on your screen that says “Installing the latest software”

Step 3 – Wait till the installation is completed and hopefully after restoring the latest software your Kindle fire will start working again.


Fix 3 – Perform a factory reset

If your amazon tablet still wont turn on or charge then you can perform Factory data reset on your Kindle tablet. Basically a factory data reset will restore your Kindle fire tab to the state it was in when your opened it for the first time after purchasing.

Note – After performing factory data reset on your Tablet, you will lose all of your existing data, settings and media available on your tablet.

If your Kindle fire tab has been unplugged for a while and you think that your tab’s battery can be dead. Then plug the device into the charger and charge for at least 5-10 minute before Factory resetting. And make sure that you don’t unplug the device during the reset process.

Step 1: Press and hold the volume up and power button simulatenously till the amazon system recovery screen appear on your kindle Fire.

Step 2: Use the volume down and up button to navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

Step 3: Press the power button to select the reset option.

Step 4: Again use the volume button to navigate to Yes, Delete All User Data.

Step 5: Press the power button to complete the reset.

It will take few minutes to complete the reset process. Once reset is complete try to open your Kindle fire.

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Fix 4 – Replace the Battery

In case if your Kindle fire is still not charging then you might need to replace your tablet battery. If none of the above methods has helped you to turn on the Kindle device then you can open the Kindle device and Swap out the old battery with a new one.

Although it is fairly easy to open the Kindle device and replace the battery still if you have never opened the back part of Kindle tab then you might need to seek help of a professional.

I will recommend you to watch this video carefully if you want to replace your Kindle Battery by yourself.

Fix 5 – Contact Amazon Customer Service Team

If you have tried every possible ways to fix the Kindle fire by yourself and your Kindle fire still doesn’t turn on then you can visit Kindle official help page for more information and contact the Kindle customer service to get help from the professionals. If you are not getting Quick response from Kindle customer service team then you can also visit Kindle Facebook page and maybe there you will get a quick response from them.

In case if your Kindle fire is out of the warranty period, then I will recommend you to go to the local mobile repairing shop near you and they might fix Your Kindle Tablet.

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Wrapping Up:

Guys, this was all about how you can fix a Kindle device that won’t turn on. Since the issue with each and every kindle device varies on the situation, tab condition and environment so I can’t tell you which method will work in your case. I will recommend you try all the possible fixes mentioned here one by one and hopefully Your Kindle fire will start working fine again.

Make sure to share which method works for you in the comments and in case if any of you have gone through the same situation and Fixed your Kindle Fire that won’t turn on or charge with another method which is not mentioned in this article then do share the trick with us in comments.

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